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The Center for Environmental Management of Military Lands (CEMML) is conducting a multi-disciplinary analysis to help Department of Defense installations prepare for the threat of climate change. Explore our website to learn more about the implementation of climate change adaptation principles and find out what climate change preparedeness services CEMML offers.


Understand the evidence behind climate change predictions and the impacts that climate change is having on our world.


Learn more about what climate change adaptation is and how it is improving natural resource management.


Understand the services that CEMML provides to help natural resource managers prepare for the effects of climate change.


View the literature and reports published on climate change, climate change adaptation, and resource management.

What is CEMML?

The Center for the Environmental Management of Military Lands (CEMML) is a service, education, and research unit in Colorado State University’s Warner College of Natural Resources. We have supported military readiness and resource conservation for more than three decades. Our experience and the resources of CSU allow us to tailor and apply innovative, practical methods to meet the needs of diverse managers of public lands.

CEMML works closely with the Department of Defense, US Army Corps of Engineers, National Park Service, and other departments and agencies through cooperative agreements, grants, and contracts. Our resource management and planning, research, education, and outreach efforts inform military and other federal managers as they meet their dual mandates of using and conserving public-trust resources.